2024 Audi E-Tron GT Specs, Price, Redesign, and Interior

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2024 Audi E-Tron GT Specs, Price, Redesign, and Interior. Introduced at the 2025 Auto Show in Los Angeles as a concept, the third generation of Audi E-tron is being prepared to hit the year of 2024. The 2024 Audi E-tron GT Concept is said to be a fully electric issued by the Audi Sport. The whole performance very much represents of what is so-called futuristic electric vehicle. This car operates in the standard all-wheel drive (AWD) platform or known as the brand’s Quattro.

2024 Audi E Tron GT Specs, Price, Redesign, And Interior

This system allows driving coordination between the axles and also left and right wheels so be ready for a maximum traction. The whole design and performance are thought to be a perfect combination of beauty and a high technology of electric vehicle. The technology is an awesome collaboration with Porsche. Here are more information about the engine, designs, as well as estimation of date release and price.

Engine Performance

The 2024 Audi E-tron GT is powered by 434-kilowatts electric motors which are fitted to the front and rear axles. These electric motors produces up to 590 horsepower. In details, the acceleration from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds, official confirmed. Moving on to 124 mph, it takes about 12 seconds. The brand also stated that the top speed is about 150 miles per hour.

This is a real Quattro because the front and rear axles do not have a mechanical link in between. The E-tron GT concept also allows driver to experience maximum benefit of both motors as well as the battery. It is because the high technology cooling system. If you want to drive with the GT’s wireless system, the battery needs to be charged overnight or just 20 minutes to get at least 80% of power.

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Exterior Design

The four-door coupe has a long wheelbase yet lightweight body which is constructed by several materials. The brand’s signature is shown on the roofline. The car is designed for the low gravity center as it has a flat floor, and bold figures of wheel arches and shoulder. The former is something uncommon for an electric car.

At the front section center, you will find the Audi Singleframe. It has the common characteristic of Audi RS grille, which is the honeycomb pattern. The automaker highlights the laser beam LED headlights on the arrow-shaped front section, showing the car’s existence in static condition.

Interior Design

The car has four doors and four seats inside. With a long wheelbase– 9.5 ft to be exact– the 2024 E-tron GT offers a super comfort driving every day. The left side of the front section is exactly the center of interior operational. There are screen as the central instrument and touchscreen as part of the center console above.

Both of the screens have black panel finish. Overall, the main impressions of the car’s interior design are spacious, fair, and comfortable. They are all packed in a dominant horizontal lines of design. For the used-materials inside, Audi claims the car as vehicle with vegan interior. It does not use a single animal-based material.

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Release Date and Price

It is expected that the third Audi e-Tron will be released in late 2024. The price has not been announced. In refer to the standard e-tron SUV, they might cost way higher than $75,000. With all the specifications of design and technology, the car obviously offers driving in speed with ultra-comfort.

It is definitely one of the most anticipated car in the coming year. Watch for any media updates as for the time being, the date release is pretty much uncertain. Anticipate the car’s competitor which is assumed to be released around the same period, the pure electric XJ from Jaguar.