2024 Chevy Reaper Specs, Price, & Redesign

2024 Chevy Reaper Specs, Price, & Redesign. Its been a while since we are listening rumors about the Reaper, the performance-oriented Chevrolet truck. The GM needs it to compete with Ford Raptor. The development of 2024 Chevy Reaper will have to speed up, since the other rival, FCA, is preparing its Ram Rebel. All in all, truck lovers will have an interesting battle among these beasts.

The thing that bugs us is the lack of official updates. Ever since we heard of it for the first time, fans are bidding with the release date. Specs are somehow predictable since the Chevrolet Reaper will try to beat results from the newest Ford F-150 Raptor. The thing that makes us happy is 2024 Chevy Reaper pics in public. At least spy photographers suggest so. If they are right, we will see this truck during next year.

2024 Chevy Reaper vs Ford F-150 Raptor vs Ram Rebel

Main competitors of the 2024 Chevy Reaper will come from rival factories. Ford is already out with the new version of F-150 and its Raptor model. Ram is not official yet, but there are strong indications that 707 hp rated Rebel truck could come soon. The FCA is using easter eggs, which will lead to the official announcement.

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The biggest mystery is 2024 Chevy Reaper. It seemed like a done deal. The concept had it all– engine, specs, attractive design, but it never ended in production. Why? That is the question for bosses. General Motors had Sierra 1500 Denali as the luxurious truck, but it is not a real match to Ram Rebel and F-150 Raptor. The Chevrolet Reaper is the one who can respond to the task.

2024 Chevy Reaper Specs

Ford F-150 is already out with its Raptor. It uses a high-end version of a 3.5-liter V-6 engine that delivers 450 horses. Ram will try to kill this model by making Rebel that will be able to create 707 horses. According to rumors, the 2024 Chevy Reaper will land somewhere between. The most realistic options are 5.7-liter and 6.2-liter V-8 units. With proper tuning, these can achieve 500 and 600 hp respectively.

2024 Chevy Reaper Pics

The mighty engine, the 2024 Chevy Reaper will have to bring unique details on its body. Aggressive and bold, the styling from the concept fits into GM’s plans. Big Reaper tag on the back of the bed will make it special. Other parts include Chevrolet badge up front instead of a bow tie. Fox Racing suspension will help the truck keeping the balance and stability off the road. Spy photos are showing space for big 20-inch wheels, while shots are showing 18-inchers on the Reaper.

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2024 Chevy Reaper Release Date

The debut of the 2024 Chevy Reaper will happen at some big car show. Detroit is the main stage, but the company could show this model at LA or NY. It is not going to be available in dealerships before 2024.


With more power, the 2024 Chevy Reaper will cost higher than its main rival. The Ford F-150 Raptor starts from $50,000. Expect Chevrolet Reaper with at least $60,000 price sticker hanging from it in salons.

2024 Chevy Reaper: Release Date, Changes, and Price

2024 Chevy Reaper: Release Date, Changes, and Price. The upcoming 2024 Chevy Silverado Reaper will be the main rival to the off-road-ready Ford F-150 Raptor. The brand-new Reaper will carry a traditional Silverado design language while adding certain sporting upgrades and some subtle touches and details. 2024 Reaper won’t be just an excellent off-road performer, but it will provide a very distinctive look.

In addition to the engine room, the appearance will be probably the best answer in the competition with the famous Ford Raptor. The huge badging across Reaper’s back quarter panel is an apparent reference to the previous versions of the Raptor. The Chevy isn’t just a copy of Ford’s truck. The forthcoming Reaper will offer excellent off-road capability, with a 60 mph on dessert trails, and the suspension that will ensure a smooth ride over dry streambeds and hills.

Engine Specs

Under the hood of 2024 Chevy Reaper will be two engine options. Both of these units provide outstanding off-road performance, with more than enough power. The first option is a 5.3-liter Lingenfelter TVS1900 Magnuson supercharger drivetrain. This mill produces 475 hp. The second one is a 6.2-liter Lingenfelter TVS1900 Magnuson supercharger, which makes 550 hp.

Both of these two engines use a proprietary software of Lingenfelter and a CORSA Performance exhaust system. Whichever of the engines you choose, you won’t lack power. The Fox racing suspension gear adds 3 inches away from the ground to provide the best possible performance on high roads.

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Fox Racing 3.0 factory series shocks deliver 9.2 inches of front travel and 11.2 inches of rear travel. The skid plates add eight inches more of front clearance. As a result, 2024 Reaper is a genuine off-roader, and it can successfully handle every terrain.

2024 Chevy Reaper Exterior Design and Features

2024 Chevy Reaper will introduce a couple of exterior improvements. You’ll notice new, more prominent badging, high clearance front bumper replacement, integrated LED driving/off-road lights, and new fender marker lights. Reaper adds Lingenfelter exhaust, unique door panel accents, and painted interior accent pieces.

Chevy truck will include a new gauge package, embroidered headrest, a redesigned front clip, a remodelled hood, and a wide-body fender flares. As you can see, the 2024 Reaper will come with a lot of design updates and changes. The performance updates include almost everything– from the suspension to the elegant exterior. As for the suspension, you’ll find a 20-inch General Grabber Tires and a brushed stainless skid plate.

Chevy truck offers a 3-inch lift long-travel off-road suspension, Fox racing shocks, and a pack of Exclusive Reaper Wheels. The additional upgrades are available. These packages include 17-inch Beadlock performance wheels, a Grabber red-letter tire package, a frozen matte paint finish, Reaper Graphics Package, and a Lingenfelter and Magnuson TSV1900 Supercharger for the 5.3 L or 6.2 L powertrains.

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How Much Will 2024 Chevy Reaper Cost?

2024 Chevy Reaper will be available in three versions. The starting price will be around $50,000. If you want a full package, that will cost an additional $10,000. The extra package includes a supercharged Reaper. Whatever is your decision, you’ll get everything that you ever wanted from an off-road truck.

2024 Chevy Reaper: Price, Specs, Pics, and News

2024 Chevy Reaper: Price, Specs, Pics, and News. Ford has Raptor, Ram has Power Wagon and right now it’s Chevy’s turn. According to the most recent reports, the new 2024 Chevy Reaper is coming soon. As you know, GM is currently renewing a complete body-on-frame lineup. The all-new Silverado came in 2015, while HD models are expected to follow soon. There is a completely new SUV lineup to come by the end of the year. The Reaper will be a performance version of the new Silverado.

Still, it will be so much more distinctive than you would probably expect. It will come with various mechanical upgrades, but also with a completely new styling, which will emphasize its performance characteristics. The company prepares a new engine, while the cabin is about to come with a bunch of upgrades. At this moment, we are still waiting to hear something more precise about the release date, though 2024 Chevy Reaper should arrive by the end of the year.

2024 Chevy Reaper: Engine

As a performance version, this should be the most powerful truck in the Chevy’s lineup. The 2024 Chevy Reaper is about to compete with the Raptor, but latest reports suggest far more power. The Raptor comes with a 3.5-liter V6 engine and 450 horsepower. On the other side, this one will definitely come with eight cylinders. We rely on a familiar 6.2-liter Supercharged unit. Still, the max output won’t go all away up to 650 horsepower, as it holds true with the Corvette. The 2024 Chevy Reaper will probably feature a max output of around 550 horsepower, which will still be a hundred horses more compared to the future arch rival.

2024 Chevy Reaper: Changes

Although that the 2024 Chevy Reaper is about to come with tons of distinctive details, its overall design will be heavily based on the new Silverado. The famous truck has been redesigned recently and right now rides on a new T1 platform, which brings significant improvements in many aspects. The first thing that comes to mind is weight reduction. The new chassis and complete body utilize new alloys, which are characterized but significant weight reduction. The new truck is more efficient but also delivers better performances. The 2024 Chevy Reaper will use all of these new technologies and design solutions but count on numerous mechanical upgrades.

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Speaking of mechanical upgrades, it’s important to mention that this is going to be a performance off-road truck. Count on all those off-road upgrades, primarily on chassis. The first thing that comes to mind is a suspension, which will be completely new, with higher ground clearance, new springs, dampers, skid plate and a lot more. Count on additional underbody protection.

2024 Chevy Reaper Exterior

When it pertains to the exterior design, we expect to see a lot of distinctive details Of course, the Silverado will serve as a basis, but we are about to see lots of upgrades. Of all, it has been rumored that the new model will come in a double cab layout. Details about bed size and overall dimensions are still unavailable, so we can’t talk about the details of this aspect. On the other side, we presume that most styling cues will be borrowed from the standard Silverado 1500, though we trust a completely new body kit. The 2024 Chevy Reaper will come with new wheels and off-road tires. Another interesting detail about this truck could be shorter overhangs, which would be combined with different bumper designs. Such design should provide a better approach and departure angles, which is crucial for off-road performances.

Interior – lots of new details

On the inside, the 2024 Chevy Reaper will also come with lots of distinctive details. As we already mentioned, the overall layout will be pretty much the same as in the cabin of the Silverado. This truck will most likely come in a double cab layout if we can rely on the most recent reports. Count on two rows of seating, with capacity for up to five people. The dashboard will be basically the same, with the same shapes and most materials. Still, trust numerous distinctive details, starting from new color schemes and sports seats. The instrument cluster should be different as well, designed in a sporty manner. Count on a quite unique list of standard features, which should be pretty long.

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2024 Chevy Reaper: Release Date and Price

Wherever that the new 2024 Chevy Reaper feels like a certain thing, we are still waiting to hear something more from the officials. Now, we can only speculate about the launch date. Most reports suggest that the new truck will visit the end of the year. When it relates to the price, this truck definitely won’t be cheap. As you know, the Raptor goes around 50.000 dollars and we expect 2024 Chevy Reaper to feature similar price tag.