2024 Honda Ridgeline Changes, Hybrid, Specs, and Release Date

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2024 Honda Ridgeline Changes, Hybrid, Specs, and Release Date. We already had a lot of vehicles from Honda, and Ridgeline is one of them that should get a redesign in 2024. Of all, the Ridgeline is a great car. It is durable, functional and reliable in longterm. A very nice pickup truck is already in use, but with the new design, new features are expected to come along, too.

2024 Honda Ridgeline Changes, Hybrid, Specs, And Release Date

There are many predictions about how 2024 Ridgeline will look like and what it could have, but we are going to talk about the ones that sound most probable. We are going to talk about the exterior, interior, and engine. We will mention the release date and price.


It’s time to get our hands dirty and to go under the hood. Honda is most likely to use their 3.5-liter V6 engine. While employed, this engine can generate 280 horsepower and 262 lb-feet of torque. 6-speed automatic gearbox comes with this engine, too. The hybrid model of this car will be available. It should use a two-motor hybrid system. The 2.0-liter engine should generate 143 horsepower. Pair of electric motors could be a part of the hybrid system. These motor produce amount of 181 horsepower.

2024 Honda Ridgeline Exterior

The next prediction is a bit unlikely, but it’s possible; Honda could make modifications to their engine system, and by doing that, they could easily make a model that can get between 400 and 450 horsepower, with the torque of 420 lb-feet. We can say that it will be interesting to see what Honda will eventually come out with as the final product.


As we said, the 2024 Honda Ridgeline is a pickup truck, so the expectations are not high for its looks. This car should use the Pilot SUV-derived platform and styling for their new model. Front of the vehicle will remain very similar to previous models in the sense of body lines, but the back part could be a bit different than before. There should also be new headlights and a refreshed grille. Wheel design is something that will probably be the unique part of the exterior, too. Grille and bumpers will have the same scheme as the one seen on Civic Type R models, which means it will have the three-section lower grille, the blacked-out upper grille and, of course, traditional Honda badge.

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2024 Honda Ridgeline Price

The hood will have a scoop that would serve as a cooler for the backside of the engine, and the last detail are fender vents which are transferred from previous versions of Civic Type R. When we already mentioned wheels, they would have 19 or 20-inches lighter-weight alloys. It should have a four-door model, too. The first thing which comes to your mind when you see this car is that it looks so powerful.


As we said, the 2024 Honda Ridgeline will not have a lot of changes from its previous models, and that applies to the interior, too. The Pilot-SUV design should evolve, bringing unique textures and material updates. It provides a lot of space, maybe even the most in its pickup truck category. There will be a lot of red color and details, so your focus will always be at a very high level. Tachometer and control table is expected to be larger than before. Prepare yourselves for bolstered front seats made of suede, mesh, and leather. We even hope for red seatbelts, and that sounds really cool.

2024 Honda Ridgeline Price

One thing that will attract most attention about the interior of 2024 Honda Ridgeline is midsection, which includes a lot of space for a manual transmission gearbox, Wi-Fi router, USB ports and Bluetooth software. Safety is something that Honda improved when it comes to this model. Honda Sensing Suite should be available on all models. This package includes forward collision warning, cruise control, emergency braking and active lane control. Even though back seats remain unchanged, they are still very comfortable and should offer an enjoyable experience for all passengers.

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Even though the interior will be straightforward and recognizable by red color, it is definitely a plus in overall rating for this Truck.


This car could easily be presented at 2025 NAIAS show, which will be held in January. That is really soon, and we doubt it will actually be given then. More likely prediction is that it will come out at 2024 LA car show. While still not sure, we hope that Honda will do anything to make this car nothing less than perfect before setting it up for mass production.


Honda is famous for being a pricey car. Even basic models are expensive if we look at it from the point of view of an ordinary family guy. A basic model of 2024 Honda Ridgeline could be available for $30,000. That is not cheap. Customized models could go up to $43,500. We have to admit that could be a bit too much. We are looking forward to seeing this car in the streets.