2024 Kia Pickup Midsize Truck: Rendering, Specs, and News

2024 Kia Pickup Midsize Truck: Rendering, Specs, and News. The South Korean company is working on a 2024 Kia pickup truck that will be their ticket to that particular segment. One of the main goals of the famous brand is to establish a successful truck among competitors like Ford and Toyota. At the moment, Kia is planning to produce the pickup only for the Australian market. The scheduled release date is set for 2024.

The company’s Chief Operating Officer for Australia claims that the midsize pick won’t be no “lifestyle vehicle,” like the unibody Honda Ridgeline or Hyundai Santa Cruz. Mr. Damien Meredith also said that the truck would offer both dual and single cabs. The diesel engine and the gas powertrain will be included.

Will 2024 Kia Pickup Midsize Truck Will Be Available in the United States?

Of course, the largest market for the pickup trucks ts North America. Almost every major manufacturer records excellent sales of their pickup vehicles in this part of the world. The spokesperson of Kia Motors America was unable to “comment on remarks made about the brand outside the US market.” The spokesperson added that the company is “always studying the American market for new opportunities.” Is it possible that the 2024 Kia Pickup Truck will come to the States? We think there are good chances for that to happen.

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Still, the US model will probably include only gas engines. Assuming the new model is reserved for the market in the States, it’s hard to believe that it will consist of the Australian configuration– a single-cab and diesel engine option. Both of these features are now very common in the US. The midsize truck will share the same mill with the Hyundai Santa Cruz. There will be few things that the midsize Kia will share with the Hyundai Santa Cruz model. The engine room, the transmission, and the chassis calibration will be unique for Kia’s vehicle.

As a result, the more distinctive line between these two siblings will be established. The Kia-Hyundai’s partnership of Smartstream drivetrains will probably be added in both of the forthcoming pickup trucks.

2024 Kia Midsize Pickup Truck Potential Design and Dimensions

Well, anything is possible when it comes to the design of the upcoming 2024 Kia Pickup Midsize Truck. One thing is for sure, though; it will share underpinnings with the above mentioned Hyundai Santa Cruz. Kia’s pickup will be closer to a compact class, at least in size. The company spokesman states that the brand-new version of the truck might end in the smaller segment as well, considering the unibody solution.

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Santa Cruz shares its architecture with the next-gen Tucson, which is a compact crossover. We think more forward the first-generation of the Ford Ranger and Subaru Baja, rather than Chevy Colorado or Honda Ridgeline. Anyway, chasing the establishes model like Ford’s Ranger or Hilux, even a similar truck from Toyota, won’t be an easy quest.

Both of the South Korean companies are fully aware of that. We all know that these carmakers are very precise when it comes to the research and development phase. With that in mind, we expect that when these all-new trucks arrive, the 2024 Kia pickup truck will be something special on the market.