2024 Lexus LF-1 Changes, Rumors, Specs, and Release date

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2024 Lexus LF-1 Changes, Rumors, Specs, and Release date. LF-1 is the new concept by Lexus that will serve as a platform for the new luxury SUV. It’s been there for a while and according to the latest information, the model heads to production soon. We could already see it as 2024 Lexus LF-1. There are a few types of concept vehicles. Ones are futuristic ideas which never enter the production. Some are presenting new ideas, and only a few get adopted for street-legal vehicles. And there are realistic platforms. LF-1 is one of these. It still poses qualities of other abovementioned concepts. It’s stunning design and styling solutions could be used for many other vehicles, including entire Lexus’ crossover and SUV lineup.

The 2024 Lexus LF-1 is a totally new concept that has very small similarities with existing models. It’s sporty, aggressive, but still, the elegant appearance will draw attention. Interior is packed with a lot of interesting details. Well, the cabin will probably come differently from the production model. There is no way Lexus is going to install so many futuristic features. Well, owners would have to attend a course to get with all these gadgets and gizmos. The company is quiet upon engines and specs of the new 2024 LF-1 SUV. We don’t know what would be the price, while fans are already speculating about the release date.

2024 Lexus LF1 Wallpaper


There are a lot of highlights on the new LF concept. Of all, the color. Champaign gold or rose gold is a great choice. Satin finishes are stunning. The new concept is using a new language in styling. Designers are not using too many chrome details. The only grille will show these, but not so eye-catching. The 2024 Lexus LF-1 will leave all things we could see previously on UX concept debuted earlier. Critics showed no mercy to the design of the new compact crossover. The same enthusiasts were stunned with the new concept that shows not too many similarities with its predecessors.

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The cabin of the 2024 Lexus LF-1 is simple, luxurious, and functional. Most base controls lay on a steering wheel. For all other commands, there is a triangular display at the center of the dashboard. The shown vehicle has captain chairs on the back. These could remain there for production. Advanced features are helping out a driver.


What will be under the hood of the 2024 Lexus LF-1 we still don’t know. The last time when the vehicle officially appeared, bosses in the company were still unsure. Possibilities are wide since they think of petrol, hybrid, and electric powertrain. In the first case, the Lexus LF-1 Limitless could borrow some of the existing units. It is more likely to see it electrified. Hybrid has higher chances to be the main source of power. Do not underestimate Toyota and its engineering. The Japanese company knows the future is in electric drivetrains, and they will surely deliver a crossover with such source of energy.

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2024 Lexus LF1 Images


The 2024 Lexus LF-1 has it all. The futuristic design which is still possible for production. Attractive color. Premium interior with latest features. These are more functional, then accessories for showing off. Capability to get various engines, including electric drivetrains. What do we want more? Details about release date and price, please.

The cost of the LF-1 production model is unpredictable. We still don’t know many things about it. Neither do company. On the other hand, the concept looks like almost production-ready. It is up to Toyota and Lexus to pack the crossover. With a debut at NAIAS 2025, two year period until the first production versions will be enough for the Japanese company. We can expect the 2024 Lexus LF-1 at the same place its concept appeared for the first time.