2024 Ram Power Wagon: Specs, Diesel, Price, and Changes

2024 Ram Power Wagon: Specs, Diesel, Price, and Changes. After the recent redesign, we don’t expect that this off-roader will receive too many changes for the second production year. The 2024 Ram Power Wagon specs will remain pretty much the same. Simply, this truck is way too fresh for some modifications. Count on familiar design and engines, while the list of standard equipment will also remain pretty much the same. Don’t exclude the possibility to see a new, special version, called Macho Power Wagon. In any case, we expect to see this truck on the market late in the year.

2024 Ram Power Wagon Engine

Under the hood, the upcoming model will carry on with familiar powertrain options. Base models will carry on with a well-known 6.4-liter V8, which in this case delivers around 410 horsepower and 430 pound-feet of torque and comes with 8-speed automatic transmission. Those who want not just an off-road-capable machine, but also a great towing truck may opt for 2024 Ram Power Wagon Diesel. This one comes with a 6.7-liter inline-six turbodiesel, which delivers 370 horses and 850 lb-ft of torque and comes in pair with a 6-speed automatic gearbox. All Power Wagons come with 4WD.

2024 Ram Power Wagon Specs

In terms of base design characteristics, the 2024 Ram Power Wagon will carry on in the same way. A heavy-duty truck, this is a pretty capable off-roader. There is a number of exclusive features that have a huge impact on overall performances. Some of the highlights are off-road shock absorbers, tow hooks, skid plates, a manual transfer case, electronically locking front and rear differentials with a 4.10 axle ratio. You can count on hill descent control, an integrated front winch, and a front stabilizer bar. Of course, there are also specially forged 17-inch wheels, with massive off-road tires.

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All these off-road goodies, the Power Wagon also comes with a quite distinctive styling. The grill, as well as various other parts, feature Power Wagon’s black plastics surfaces. Another thing we should mention about 2024 Ram Power Wagon specs is that this version comes exclusively in a Crew Cab version, with a short bed.

2024 Ram Macho Power Wagon

According to the latest reports, FCA is also considering adding a so-called Macho package. Older generations probably remember the famous W150 Power Wagon in orange color. It looks like we will see a close resembling of the model from 70s. This package is all about visual details, while the mechanics are about to remain the same. Orange color, count on numerous exclusive details, as well as on a couple of interior extras, particularly in terms of orange stitching.

Power Wagon Package – Cheap way to off-road performances?

The problem with today’s trucks is that off-road models like Power Wagon or Ford Raptor usually cost almost two times more than the base version. These trucks feature a full load of standard equipment and many of features are absolutely unnecessary from the aspect of performances. FCA offers something very interesting, which attracts a wide range of buyers. It is a Power Wagon option package, which can be added to the base Tradesman trim.

2024 Ram Power Wagon Specs

The catch with this package is that you get the most of Power Wagons off-road features, while the visual aspect and interior features remain pretty basic. In that way, you get amazing off-road performance for a pretty affordable price, which would be highly appreciated by many potential buyers who don’t need those fancy visual details or all those tech goodies.

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2024 Ram Power Wagon Release Date and Price

Despite potential novelties, we expect that the upcoming model will come in usual time, sometime late in the year. The 2024 Ram Power Wagon price should remain pretty much the same, which means base models will go around 53.500 dollars.

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2024 Ram Power Wagon Changes, Diesel, and Specs

2024 Ram Power Wagon Changes, Diesel, and Specs. The next generation 2024 Ram Power Wagon is announced for the following year. This iconic pickup truck will be refreshed, and it’s known for its excellent capabilities and utility. We can expect numerous novelties as per the latest news. That includes some visual changes and more tech inside. Power Wagon is efficient, and it offers few engine options under the hood.

If you want to compare this model with the rest of the pickup in the same segment, Ford Raptor is perhaps the closest competitor.

Available Engine Options

The powertrains department of the 2024 Ram Power Wagon will undoubtedly remain the same as before. A familiar and reliable 6.4-liter V8 will once more power this pickup. This powerful unit is capable of delivering 410 hp and 430 lb-ft of torque. Some reports are suggesting a slight modification to the new model and even some gossip of the hybrid model.

The next engine that will be available is a 5.7-liter that will generate 380 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque. This engine is very familiar, and it provides 17/23 mpg. The last option is a 6.7-liter Cummins turbodiesel engine. This unit is powerful, and it delivers around 400 horses and over 900 lb-ft of torque. All engines are available with the same 8-speed automatic transmission.

2024 Power Wagon Exterior Upgrades

The upcoming 2024 Ram Power Wagon will get some refreshments outside. We can say for sure that this model provides similar styling as the Ram 1500 model. Both models will share many cues.

Power Wagon is unique, and its design is more aggressive. Thanks to its platform and lightweight materials, we can assume improved fuel efficiency and overall performance. This vehicle will offer sporty looking LED headlights and large wheels.

New grille painted in black will make a significant difference compared to the crosshair one from before. The whole body will become more robust and massive, which will make this model looking strong and stable. There will also be some improvements towards brakes and suspension.

The all-new 2024 Ram Power Wagon is official for the next year. This pickup truck will be improved in basically every category. It comes with great capability and versatility. It is a tough competitor that looks aggressive. On the other hand, its interior is very modern and subtle. For 2024, Power Wagon will gain numerous cosmetic upgrades and more tech.

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Ram will look to deliver slightly more power and better fuel efficiency. Its natural rival is Ford Raptor that will also host numerous changes. This pickup truck will hit the dealerships later in 2024 as a model for 2024.

2024 Power Wagon Exterior Facelift

The forthcoming 2024 Ram Power Wagon is getting further refreshments. Logically, the styling is similar to the styling of the Ram 1500 pickup. Whatsoever, two models will share plenty of features and cues. On the other hand, Power Wagon will arrive with a unique design that is more aggressive. We already mentioned fuel efficiency, and Ram will improve that by deploying additional lightweight materials. That mostly includes aluminum.

That, we can expect the sportier look of the front fascia. The LED headlights will be reshaped, but not significantly. The crosshair grille is gone and it will be replaced by the new and more upscale unit. Optionally, Ram will provide larger wheels than before, which is another great feature. Overall, 2024 Power Wagon is one robust pickup truck that looks attractive and very mean.

Interior Features

This is a whole different story. New 2024 Ram Power Wagon may look rugged, but its interior is very subtle. The manufacturer will provide numerous refreshments in terms of interior design and tech. That includes more upright materials which should improve the overall feel inside the cabin. Far, the crew cab configuration has been the most popular choice among the customers. It comes with a spacious and practical interior and it also offers more seats than other cab setups.

Ram will also deliver more standard features such as a 7-inch display and another 12-inch screen. Power Wagon provides the latest phone integrations as standard, while the leather upholstery will be optional. Heated/ventilated front seats, adaptive cruise control and surround-view camera are all optional.

Engine Lineup Will Be Improved

We are pretty sure that the 2024 Ram Power Wagon will offer the same engine lineup as its predecessor. That means a 6.4-liter V8 will become available once again. This proven unit is producing 410 horsepower and 430 lb-ft of torque. A hybrid model is another interesting rumor, but it seems unlikely at the moment. The next engine on the list is a 5.7-liter that cranks out 380 horses and 400 lb-ft of twisting power.

The last and most popular choice is a 6.7-liter Cummins powertrain. This turbodiesel version generates 400 hp and impressive 900 lb-ft of torque. All three engines will use the very same 8-speed automatic gearbox. Ram promised more power and improved fuel efficiency, so expect even stronger figures once the pickup truck arrives.

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Impressive Tech List

The interior will get minor updates. The manufacturer will refresh the cabin of the 2024 Ram Power Wagon with more quality materials and some new techs. Still, the cabin of this model will remain practical and roomy. A crew cab layout is the most popular variant among the customers because this version provides a more spacious cabin.

Ram will offer a long list of standard amenities that include a 7.0-inch TFT display, and the excellent Uconnect and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto operate through a brilliant 12-inch screen. Leather seating, heated seats, surround-view camera, adaptive cruise control, and hill-descent control are also available.

2024 Ram Power Wagon Price and Release Date

The upcoming 2024 Ram Power Wagon will be available to dealerships later in 2024. As we already mentioned, the new Power Wagon is an efficient pickup truck that offers excellent towing capacity. Because of such small changes and updates, the price of this model will be slightly higher than before.

From some gossip, the upcoming pickup truck will start at $53,000. It is available in numerous trim levels and tones of optional equipment that can raise its price to $70,000.

2024 Ram Power Wagon Cummins engine, Interior, Release Date

2024 Ram Power Wagon Cummins engine, Interior, Release Date. The forthcoming 2024 Ram Power Wagon is a heavy-duty pickup truck that comes with an aggressive stance and astonishing capabilities. Small enough in order to maneuver through the jungle but powerful enough to carry weapons and other supplies.

The reincarnation of Power Wagon happened in 2005 and this model is present ever since. The 2024 Power Wagon is now used exclusively in the civilian segment.2024 Ram Power Wagon Cummins engine, Interior, Release Date2024 Ram Power Wagon Powertrain

The new engine under the hood of the 2024 Ram Power Wagon is a 6.7-liter Cummins. This unit is optional, so the 6.4-liter Hemi V8 is still a standard engine choice. This V8 is capable of producing 410 HP and 430 lb-ft of torque and it runs on regular gasoline.

A 6-speed automatic gearbox is the only choice for now. Optional 6.7-liter Cummins should provide around the same amount of horses, but the number of torque will be doubled. That means the new powertrain will generate around 430 HP and up to 900 lb-ft of twists.

2024 Ram Power Wagon Exterior Changes are Minimal

A modern exterior will become even more modern thanks to the latest changes. The changes are not that significant and visible as it sounds.

The front end gets a new crosshair grille and the headlights are now slightly different. Lower fascia suffers a small redesign and the hood will stay intact. The rear part now sports a pair of new exhaust tips, which means a new engine too.

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2024 Ram Power Wagon Colors

The 2024 Ram Power Wagon offers new exterior paints such as Bright White, Bright Silver, Flame Red, Blue Streak and Granite Crystal. Gloss-black graphics are available too and are a perfect match to these colors. If you want black Power Wagon, we recommend silver graphics that are looking brilliant.

2024 Ram Power Wagon Interior

2024 Ram Power Wagon interior will get an optional heating and ventilating seats Standard interior treatment is finished in gray color with black fabric inserts. What we like about the interior is the fact that Ram is using multiple different shades of gray color that looks gorgeous. Of course, you can opt for different interior schemes that are optional.

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Speaking of optional, heating and ventilating seats are available, just like the contrast stitching and badging. If you want premium interior, opt for the all-black scheme that paints in black everything from the seats to the instrument cluster. Leather seats are also optional while the new Uconnect infotainment system is standard.

2024 Ram Power Wagon Cummins engine, Interior, Release Date

This system comes with a new touchscreen. Dashboard now looks different and it hosts some new options. Some of the optional features are now standard and safety is better thanks to the addition of lane keep assist and a self-park assist.

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2024 Ram Power Wagon Price and Release Date

The upcoming 2024 Ram Power Wagon will cost slightly over $50,000. That is a small price jump in comparison to the last model. Most likely arrival date is the very beginning of 2023.