2024 Volvo Pickup Truck: Price, Specs, and Redesign

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2024 Volvo Pickup Truck: Price, Specs, and Redesign. Presently, the proliferation of pickup vehicles is conspicuous on the roads. For decades, SU’s best-selling vehicles have been full-size pickups, but there has been a recent increase in demand for midsize models. The increasing prevalence of midsize models is likewise conspicuous beyond the borders of the United States. Mercedes has also entered the fray, and additional manufacturers are demonstrating interest in entering this lucrative market. Hyundai is developing the Santa Cruz, which, like the Honda Ridgeline, is anticipated to feature a unibody design. Additionally, Tesla is set to introduce an all-electric pickup, and industry leaders have also made commitments to produce electrified models within the following decade.

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In the context of rumours regarding potential new candidates, Volvo has also been mentioned. Some consider the recently redesigned midsize Volvo XC90 to be an excellent foundation for the pickup truck model. Renderings also surfaced depicting how the XC90 might appear if it were to be converted into a pickup vehicle, but Volvo has made no indication of this possibility. In addition, we do not anticipate the 2024 Volvo Pickup Truck to debut anytime soon; however, based on the XC90 SUV, we can envision what that vehicle might look like.

2024 Volvo Pickup Truck: Price, Specs, and Redesign

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Volvo pickup truck POWERTRAINS for 2024

In the event that the 2024 Volvo Pickup Truck were to enter production, Volvo would utilise powertrain components from the XC90 rather than reinventing them.

The midsize SUV is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that generates 250 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. A variant featuring a supercharger generates 316 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. The XC90’s plug-in hybrid system combines the electric motor and battery cell with the supercharged engine variant to produce a combined 400 horsepower and 472 pound-feet of torque. An eight-speed automatic gearbox would be incorporated into the chassis.

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Volvo Pickup Truck

The Volvo Pickup Truck, equipped with these powertrains and unibody platform, would rank among the industry’s finest in terms of travel comfort and performance.

Design of the 2024 Volvo pickup truck

The XC90 SUV was updated by Volvo for the 2024 model year, and the second generation debuted in 2025. The most recent iteration features a refined aesthetic redesign, a retuned suspension system, and an extended electric range of the plug-in hybrid drivetrain.

2024 Volvo Pickup Truck: Price, Specs, and Redesign

The updated XC90 could serve as the foundation for a pickup truck model that competes with the SUV-based Pilot Ridgeline and the forthcoming Hyundai Santa Cruz, which is also expected to feature a unibody design.

Drawing inspiration from the XC90 SUV, the 2024 Volvo Pickup Truck would be mounted on an extended wheelbase of 117.5 inches. Wheelbase reduction of approximately 10 inches would presumably occur on the truck model to accommodate the cargo bed and bring it in line with other midsize vehicles. Additionally, chassis and suspension enhancements would be implemented to increase towing and working capabilities.

Visually, the Volvo pickup truck would almost certainly bear a striking resemblance to the styling of the midsize SUV. The identical holds true for the Honda Ridgeline pickup vehicle and the Pilot SUV.

The truck’s front end would be adorned with the most recent grille design from the manufacturer and “thor’s hammer” headlamps. In addition to sharing body lines with the most recent XC90, the rear would be reconfigured to accommodate a cargo compartment. Additionally, the tailgate would receive vertical taillights that are emblematic of the brand.

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Interior, furnishings

If Volvo converted its largest SUV into a pickup truck, the interiors of the two vehicles would presumably be virtually identical. The interiors of the Honda Pilot and Ridgeline are identical.

Two models’ dashboards would be virtually identical, with the majority of controls operated via the sizable touchscreen in the centre. A 9-inch centre display, Wi-Fi, 10 speakers, premium upholstery, four-zone climate control, and technology are standard on the current XC90. To maintain affordability, the truck model might include a few reduced premium features.

2024 Volvo Pickup Truck: Price, Specs, and Redesign

Active safety systems such as adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, and others would be standard. The upper trim levels would include leather upholstery, additional speakers, heated and ventilated seating, and additional features.

Price of the 2024 Volvo pickup truck release

As of now, all information regarding the 2024 Volvo Pickup Truck is speculative, as Volvo has shown no indication that it is contemplating this option. Although the Volvo-badged pickup vehicle is not imminent, the concept is certainly intriguing.

The aforementioned-mentioned model could potentially cost marginally more than $50,000.