2024 Ford Super Chief Spied, Concept, Price, and Specs

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2024 Ford Super Chief Spied, Concept, Price, and Specs. It is now an old concept. The Super Chief is still a futuristic platform. Planned as a three-fuel truck, it seems the production model is not fulfilling first intentions. When it enters the production, very probably as 2024 Ford Super Chief, it will likely be hybrid, rather than a pickup that uses petrol, ethanol, and hydrogen.

2024 Ford Super Chief Spied, Concept, Price, And Specs

Back in 2006, the Super Chief was a spectacular idea. Well, having a truck based on the F-250, that uses hydrogen, ethanol, and petrol as sources of power is still a very radical approach. For more than ten years, this concept couldn’t find the way into production. Well, the usage of these fuels is very expensive, and nowadays, everyone is looking for a cheaper and more efficient option. The concept is still alive and some rumors are claiming the 2024 Ford Super Chief will be an F-150 hybrid. Interesting theory, but there are many doubts about that.

2024 Ford Super Chief – A Hybrid

Ford has always been very innovative. Modern times will bring more and more hybrid and electric vehicles. One truck is the favorite to get such version. It is a legendary F-150 Hybrid pickup. A thing came to our mind– could we see it as the 2024 Ford Super Chief? The concept is not likely to enter production, and it already had many fans. Well, it could be a disappointment, but the name and some cool features will be presented. Everybody wins– buyers, hybrid industry, fans of Super Chief, and F-150 truck.

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2024 Ford Super Chief Concept

Let’s go back in 2006 to see what was the first plan. The Super Chief is a truck built on the same platform as F-250 pickup. That is why it’s called Super Chief, and not only Chief The drivetrain of this model should be an advanced system that can take three types of fuel. Ever since we couldn’t see a truck combining hydrogen, ethanol, and gasoline. The investment would be huge, with a tiny chance to succeed. This concept is not ready yet to get into production. According to plans, the drivetrain outputs should be 500 hp and 450 lb-ft of torque.

There are more interesting details about the 2024 Ford Super Chief. If it comes from concept to reality, a suicide door could be the highlight. This is not the only nonconventional part on the new truck. Interior, front fascia, and the bed will definitely be totally different than anything we saw. The whole thing is still unofficial. Until the announcements, these will be only speculations.

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2024 Ford Super Chief Release Date

Even if it happens, whichever form it is going to be, the 2024 Ford Super Chief won’t arrive so soon. During 2025 we could see only first images or hear info about possibilities. In a real form, at least as a prototype like in 2006, the truck will arrive late in 2024. Well, that is the time when Ford plans to launch the F-150 Hybrid. Another reason why we can believe in theory about these two trucks being one.