2024 Isuzu D-Max Concept, Interior, Design, and Release date

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2024 Isuzu D-Max Concept, Interior, Design, and Release date. 2024 Isuzu D-Max comes as a great addition to pick-up class of the vehicles, along with models that were made in the previous three generations. People used to see this vehicle as large but very attractive, but the main failure of the versions before is a smaller size than competitors had.

This time the manufacturer changed it, offering larger and longer truck, with new details on the chassis that make the model even more robust and impressive. The manufacturer has obviously decided to bring something that will be attractive enough for people who love large machines, capable of driving in every circumstance, including off-road challenges.

2024 Isuzu D-Max Concept, Interior, Design, and Release date


There are expected changes in the engine of 2024 Isuzu D-Max from the last model, and for some of them, even the experts are not sure if they are true. It is expected that the model will have 3.0-liter turbodiesel engine under the hood, with 175 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque.

Thanks to it, the model will be able to increase the speed of 60 mph for less than 11 seconds. The fuel economy is more than acceptable for this class of the car, meaning 26 mpg average driving. Off-road driving fans will be happy to know that the model comes as an all-wheel driving system and numerous additions that allows driving in all terrains and conditions.

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Everybody has talked about the 2.5-liter diesel engine, too, along with the 1.7-liter turbodiesel that is used before, but those have not been confirmed.


It is for sure that new 2024 Isuzu D-Max will be larger and bigger, and surely closer to Chevrolet Colorado, its main competitor and rival. The model is announced as much more attractive to large truck fans, with even 35 inches tires in the highest trim version. The wheelbase is 123 inches now, but it does not reflect on the looking of the truck. The only new we saw is the robust and more aggressive shape. It has improved aerodynamic thanks to the lower roof.


The cabin inside of 2024 Isuzu D-Max is acceptably and expectedly modest and flat for the truck made for heavy load and working. It does not mean that the cabin is simple and poor.

There is an interesting design of the dashboard, with buttons and commands reachable for driver and passengers and air-condition controls made in shape of the circle. The seats are wide and comfortable, wrapped in leather and made to be cozy and comfortable for long driving.

2024 Isuzu D-Max Concept, Interior, Design, and Release date

2024 Isuzu D-Max Release Date and Price

Since the model has been a part of great cooperation with GM, 2024 Isuzu D-Max is even closer to models made in that factory. There are great unique details that old buyers surely recognize in every new model. When it comes to the popularity, D-Max, although not widely known, has its buyers all over the world since the first model was made.

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The main popularity model got after cooperation with GM, which made it more attractive and modern. It is great to hear that even it is modern and attractive; the model has the base price of only $20,000 which will surely help to compete with Ford Ranger or Nissan Navara known as main competitors.

Cons and Pros of New Model

  • The model is larger but more aerodynamical than before.
  • There is a stronger engine under the hood.
  • The model has not much impressively designed cabin.
  • The design is too similar to the competition.