2024 VW Amarok Redesign, Price, Engines, and Rumors

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2024 VW Amarok Redesign, Price, Engines, and Rumors. The pickup truck market is getting hotter these days, as there are more and more players in the segment. Even the biggest companies in the business need to work together. If you remember, the development of the original Amarok took a really long time. Simply, VW isn’t the company famous for BoF vehicles, so a lot of studies of models like Toyota Hilux needed to be made. The next-gen 2024 VW Amarok will be a product of joint venture of the German carmaker and Ford.

More precisely, the new Amarok will be based on the new Ranger, which is expected to come in the next year. A lot of novelties are about to come. Still, it looks like each company will also have a couple of trumps. Allegedly, we could see a new truck with a crazy V8 diesel engine. This isn’t actually a thing you can see every day in this segment of the automotive industry.

2024 VW Amarok New V8 engine

One of the most interesting things about the new 2024 VW Amarok is that the company is reportedly testing a large 4.0-liter TDI engine in this truck. The current model comes with a pretty capable 3.0-liter V6 TDI, which is already among most powerful engines that can be found in mid-size pickup trucks. It looks the German manufacturer is about to go even further. The large V8 has already been presented in models like Audi SQ7. It delivers an impressive amount of power that allows this mid-size sports car to go from zero to sixty in less than 5 seconds.

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Could you imagine a pickup truck, outside North America, with such acceleration? Probably not. The fact is that this is still a rumor and that it probably won’t happen. We don’t believe that each company will go that far with its distinctive features. As you probably know, the new Ranger is expected to come in a powerful Raptor engine and we have strong reasons that VW will stick to engines from the Blue Oval company.

2024 VW Amarok Redesign

Both Amarok and Ranger are quite old trucks, with almost a decade in production. Therefore, this redesign is more than welcome. The new 2024 VW Amarok will this time come based on the North American truck, unlike being developed by VW. This means the two models will share a lot of things, starting. More precisely, the two models are about to share the platform, which will be a kind of a new version of the current T6 architecture. Of course, we count on significant improvements in terms of ride quality, efficiency, capabilities and more. The two models are about to share mechanics, but each one should come with their own styling.

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How will 2024 VW Amarok look like?

It is still hard to tell anything more precise, but we may presume that the new model will be fitted to the company’s latest design language. Of course, dimensions will probably be the same as in the new Ranger, particularly in terms of the wheelbase. Still, we count on completely new sheet metal. On the inside, we should see VW’s approach to the dashboard design, with great overall quality and loads of tech features, which became a common thing among models under this badge.

Release Date

We expect to see 2024 VW Amarok in about two years. More details will be known in the future. Stay tuned!