Lexus LX 600 Price, Specs, and Release Date

Lexus LX 600 Price, Specs, and Release Date. The latest news about the largest Lexus SUV says the company is preparing changes. The first thing we know is the new nameplate. The LX 570 was derived from a 5.7-liter engine. The Japanese company filed for a new trademark– Lexus LX 600. Is it a sign for the new, larger engine. Or it doesn’t have anything with the drivetrains. We will find out soon.

The latest model we saw with the 600 badge is Lexus LS. It was a hybrid, derived from a 5.0-liter petrol engine. It’s been a while since we can hear rumors about this type of mechanical upgrade for the LX. The new nameplate could suggest this. On the other hand, we can find more interesting details about drivetrain change, both on LX and its closest sibling Toyota Land Cruiser.

Lexus LX 600 – The new Generation

It is time for the refresh of the largest SUV in the lineup. The trademark application tells us the company is a step closer to this decision and that the Lexus LX 600 will be an all-new model, including the name. The current generation of the SUV dates back from 2007. There were a few updates, last time in 2015. The LX 600 is not all about the drivetrain, but also interior and exterior refreshes. Details will be known as soon as the company steps in public with an official announcement. Before this happens, they will have to get a green light for the nameplate use.

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Lexus LX 600 vs Land Cruiser

Two of Toyota’s premium SUVs (Lexus is owned by the Japanese giant) share a lot of things in common. It won’t be a surprise to see the new models at the same time. The upcoming Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series is a topic of rumors for a while. This model is also more than 10 years old and it needs updates.

Both SUVs are using a 5.7-liter V8 engine. The latest news said that engineers are planning an overhaul. Instead of this large unit, Lexus LX 600 could get a twin-turbo V6. Experts are keeping their opinions since there are a lot of possible pros and cons. Until the new drivetrain debuts, we can’t judge if the change was successful.

Another interesting story is brought by the new Toyota’s partnership. Subaru could deliver the famous Boxer units. This is not likely to happen, with Lexus LX600 looking for a monster under the hood. Subaru’s engines are unique, but not quite powerful for this segment.

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One thing is sure– big changes are about to hit the Lexus LX. The full-size SUV is very probably heading to the new generation. However, what lays behind the new name, we still don’t know. There are plenty of theories, and only a few days passed since enthusiasts discovered the new trademark nameplate application. With likely changes on the LX, fans can expect a lot from the Toyota Land Cruiser. The competition should be on alert.