2024 Ford Excursion Release Date, Diesel, Price, and Specs

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2024 Ford Excursion Release Date, Diesel, Price, and Specs. The upcoming 2024 Ford Excursion is a full-size SUV that will get additional upgrades later next year. It is the largest SUV nowadays and its comeback is scheduled for 2024. It will ride on a new gasoline engine and diesel version will become available as well.

2024 Ford Excursion Specs

For 2024, Excursion will get a lot of new equipment, small visual upgrades, and new exterior colors. Excursion is based on the F-250 pickup truck so it will share a lot with this iconic heavy-duty model. Generally, Excursion is set for the new chapter that excited the fans across the globe.

Exterior Facelift

The 2024 Ford Excursion will wear a lot of the old cues. Once again, Excursion will share a lot of things with Ford’s F-250 pickup truck. F-250 rides on a lighter platform so Excursion will have to fit in that.

2024 Ford Excursion Specs

The 2024 model will mark the start of a new-gen Excursion. In 2024 Excursion will get further upgrades. Still, the 2024 Excursion will look tough and mean.

2024 Ford Excursion Interior

The interior of the all-new 2024 Ford Excursion is also based on the interior of the F-250 pickup. The interior will look unique, mostly the dashboard and the materials from the inside. The Excursion is an extremely large SUV so you don’t have to worry about the interior room. You can choose between eight-seat and nine-seat models.

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2024 Ford Excursion Concept

Cargo area is impressive and you can fit an elephant in the back if you want to. And while the exterior looks rugged, the interior is very subtle and modern. Thanks to the numerous trim levels, upper trims will provide more than enough luxury. For 2024, Excursion will get Wi-Fi, new interior color schemes and more driver-assistance systems.

Gasoline Engine Specs

The forthcoming 2024 Ford Excursion will continue to offer a large 6.2-liter V8. This powertrain will arrive for the 2024 model and it will carry on in 2024. Powerful V8 produces 385 hp and 430 lb-ft of torque.

2024 Ford Excursion Specs

Many fans are hoping for a turbocharged engine with even more power. However, this is only possible if Blue Oval introduces a special variant such as Raptor.

2024 Excursion Diesel

The arriving full-size SUV will also offer a diesel engine Some things are still not official. However, the 2024 Ford Excursion will offer a 6.7-liter V8. This engine generates up to 450 horsepower. More importantly, torque figures are set at 925 lb-ft.

With these numbers, Excursion will have no real competition. Ford is more about utility and towing.

Towing Capacity

This is an interesting topic for various reasons. However, a new 2024 Ford Excursion will surely be the new tow-king in the town. Its gasoline engine will tow around 9,000 pounds. On the other hand, diesel powertrain is more capable.

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Knowing that Excursion Diesel will tow around 18,500 pounds. A new 10-speed automatic transmission will certainly help Excursion to achieve these figures.

Price and Release Date

Price is still a huge mystery at the moment. However, the upcoming 2024 Ford Excursion will surely cost around $50,000, more or less. Knowing that the Expedition is priced at $52,000 so the Excursion could add a couple of grand more.

This is just a prediction rather than the official information. The diesel variant will cost slightly more, but still below $60,000. A new full-size SUV will go on sale in the second half of 2024.