2024 Honda Civic Type-R Limited Gets Updates, News, and Price

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2024 Honda Civic Type-R Limited Gets Updates, News, and Price. Honda is preparing its new model for the Nurburgring. The forthcoming 2024 Honda Civic Type-R Limited is an amazing race car. This model isn’t built only for the races. Instead, the Japanese automaker will put it on sales later this year. This model will be sold in limited examples.

2024 Honda Civic Type R Limited Gets Updates, News, And Price

On the other hand, Honda is bringing more good news. The U.S. fans will love the return of the iconic Phoenix Yellow exterior color. You can expect various upgrades but this model is based on the 2024 Civic Type-R. For that reason, most of the vehicle will carry over into 2024. The price will start at around $40,000 or slightly above that.


Interestingly, but new 2024 Honda Civic Type-R Limited won’t get any sort of performance upgrades. That means the same 2.0-liter turbo-four engine remains. It generates the same 306 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. What is the difference? The 2024 model will get specially tuned dumpers and recalibrated steering. This will result in higher performances and overall, in better ride quality.

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2024 Honda Civic TypeR Exterior

Remember, a new model will be lighter than ever before. Honda will once again offer a front-wheel-drive system as standard. The sporty hatchback will try to beat its record for the fastest lap at the Nurburgring track in 2017. Shortly after that, the Renault Megane RS Trophy-R model broke the record.


The arriving model will gain a couple of important updates. New 2024 Honda Civic Type-R Limited will lose weight, for the start. This sporty hatchback will get new 20-inch BBS wheels. Honda will also pay closer attention to the sound the vehicle makes. For that reason, removing sound-deading materials and the removal of the hatch wiper is a must. To compare, Limited Edition will be 46 pounds lighter than the regular Civic Type-R. Here is an interesting fact.

2024 Honda Civic TypeR Redesign

The US version won’t be the same as the European variant. Civic Type-R Limited in Europe will be even lighter. The European model will arrive with a different sound system and stripped-out air condition. Thanks to these minor changes, the European version is 30 pounds lighter. The best part of the arriving model? Honda will offer its new hatchback in famous Phoenix Yellow exterior paint. Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires will be in the offer.

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New 2024 Honda Civic Type-R Limited made its debut in Milan, Italy. The hatchback will arrive in 1000 copies. Honda plans to deliver 600 models in the United States, 200 for Japan and only 100 for Europe and Canada.

2024 Honda Civic TypeR Wallpaper

All of the models will get famous Phoenix Yellow paint and a unique serialized plaque on the center console. New Type-R Limited Edition will go on sale this summer in the U.S. The price of the current Type-R starts at $38,000. With that in mind, the Limited version will start at about $40,000.